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Freelancer Marketplaces

Getting work done used to involve finding employees or contractors around your location and recruiting them. But as the internet economy evolved, that approach has become limited, costly and time consuming.

Today, using designated freelancer marketplaces provides you with a large diversity of instantly available talent from all over the world, at all price ranges, and with credible reviews of the freelancers’ track record. This allows you to get more done, faster, while controlling your budget and ensuring the work’s quality.

Leading freelance marketplaces not only gives you access to talent in an array of categories, but also provides:

  • Rating system – each freelancer is rated by past buyers and has a credible score.
  • Milestone based payments – break your project into milestones and pay only when you approve a satisfactory completion of a milestone.
  • Free revisions – some marketplaces allow you to ask for 1 or 2 revisions of the work, free of charge.



Our Goal

Top10freelancerwebsites was founded by a group of online marketers who are using online freelancer marketplaces on regular basis. As we discovered that many people and companies are still largely ignoring this opportunity, we decided to build this site. Our goal with it is to share our experience and help you compare the best marketplaces in the market, the ones that will help you engage with qualified talent in a fast, secure and cost-efficient manner. Start Here!

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