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99Designs offers a range of services including design contests, 1-to-1 projects, Discover Designers, and Professional Services. The design contests are particularly interesting, and businesses can make their selection from a wide range of choices.



The 1-to-1 nature of this company’s design services is particularly useful. The close collaboration between the designer and the business allows for an intimate understanding of the creative requirements. This eliminates much of the back-and-forth that takes place in the absence of a rapport with both parties.
There are multiple categories of inspirational ideas to help with design concepts. These include logo design, logo & social media, logo & business cards, stationery, logo & brand identity packs, logo & hosted website content, and business cards to name but a few. There are also plenty of web & app design options, business & advertising options, clothing & merchandise options, art & illustration, packaging & labels, books & magazines, and other design options. The range of services provided by 99Designs Services spans the full spectrum for businesses.

99Designs Services

Multiple industries are supported including religious, restaurant, retail, sport, technology, wedding services, travel, agricultural, animal & pets, art & design, legal and scores of others. It is possible to pick and choose from a wide range of categories, industries, and advanced search options.

Choose from the best freelancers

How Does 99Designs Work?

99Designs offers a wide range of design services for businesses. The first step in the process requires the business owner to create a design brief. This means that you will provide information about the type of business you have – the more details you provide, the better. If you’re shopping for a new logo, simply pick from the applicable styles.
Businesses can enjoy greater variety when it comes to design packages by opting for the top-tier design packages. These include Bronze Packages, Silver Packages, Gold Packages and Platinum Packages. The latter category of designs allows you to choose from the best freelancers in the market.

Design packages

The next step will get the proverbial ball rolling. Designers all over the world will conjure up exciting ideas for your design contest. There are 1,128,000+ designers in the 99Designs community. By offering the right compensation for your design contest, you will be able to attract multiple designers. These will be submitted 24/7 to your account, and you can pick them based on your preferences.
Once a business owner finds a worthy design, it’s a simple matter of contacting the designer and giving them the green light to go ahead with the project. While the design process is underway, businesses can provide valuable feedback and messaging to help the designer get the product tip top. When seven days have passed, the winner of the design contest will be selected, and they will receive all the prize money and the business will receive the copyright to the work. At this point 99Designs will allow you to make payment and download the material.

How to Choose a Freelancer?

The process of choosing a freelancer is straightforward at 99Designs. The best designers with the most creative abilities work with 99Designs. The first step in the process requires the business owner to invite a designer.

Next, businesses collaborate with the freelance designers to fine-tune the creative. Once the project has been completed, the designer will submit it for final approval. Both the business owner and the designer will have an opportunity to provide feedback and finalize the work process.


Revisions are possible throughout the design process. The close collaboration between the business and the freelancer creates a fluid and dynamic process. The business owner can choose the best qualified designer to work with, and both parties will offer feedback and support throughout the process. Typically, designers will provide minimal revisions as a complimentary service to their clients, but if the revisions require extensive reworking of the material, this will come at a premium. 99Designs does not require any revisions to be completed once a contest is settled. Businesses can request revisions at any stage of the process, and only once they are satisfied will the project be deemed complete.


Payments can be made through Payoneer and PayPal. With Payoneer, there is typically a 24 hour – 48 hour turnaround on payments transfers. With PayPal, fees and commissions will be applicable, and the turnaround time is typically 2 days – 3 days. 99Designs only processes payments during business hours. These do not include weekends or public holidays.


The cancellation policy stipulates that 99Designs can cancel 1-to 1 work orders provided no work has been initiated on the project. If the project has been completed, no refunds will be applicable, neither will refunds be available through cancellations if work is in progress. The designer has to approve any refunds first, and it must be in writing on the current project. Once the agreement is in place, the business can contact the customer support team to verify that the designer has agreed to the cancellation, and a refund can be processed on the pending work order.

Customer Support

It’s easy to get in touch with customer support, since they have offices around the world. There are locations in the US, Germany, Australia, and Brazil. A help request can be submitted online, and links are available for press release inquiries. 99Designs also provides a telephone support number for general contact queries (+31-85-8888-030)

Bottom Line

99Designs is a professional outfit and it is teeming with talented designers. The operations team ensures that the design services run like clockwork, and close collaboration between businesses and designers guarantees prompt delivery and the best fit. The services provided by this company are highly rated by business owners around the world.

99Designs REVIEW
Top Categories:
Graphic & Design
Main Advantages:
  • Auction System
  • White label services
Price Range: $$ - $$$


  • Affordable prices
  • Thousands of designers
  • Turnaround time
  • Poor brief platform
  • No professional design review
  • Lack of file-types
  • Affordable prices
  • Thousands of designers
  • Turnaround time
  • Poor brief platform
  • No professional design review
  • Lack of file-types