Designcrowd Review

DesignCrowd is a customised logo design company that currently boasts an impressive 616,000+ freelance designers. To date, the professional designers have completed over 280,000 projects, with upwards of 25 – 100 designs received per project. A wide range of corporate identity and branding services is offered, including web design, graphic design, print design, merchandise design, art & illustration. The process of creating the perfect design can be completed in 3 steps.



The range of graphic design services offered by DesignCrowd makes it easy for businesses to source all sorts of design and printing information. The user interface provides quick and easy access to categories, designers, jobs, and how-to information. The graphic design services include all manner of corporate identity and branding options, such as business cards, letterheads, signage design, billboard design, car wrap design etc.  DesignCrowd connects businesses to professional freelance designers. This online platform brings the crème de la crème of professional designers together for businesses to pick and choose the most suitable experts.  To date, some 100,000+ businesses have utilised the services provided by DesignCrowd pros.

Why DesignCrowd


To get started, clients must first create a free account. The account registration process requires you to select either customer or designer status. Once you’ve entered your first name, email address, and password, you can proceed to accept the user agreement to get started. After you have registered, you can login using your email address and password or continue with Google or Facebook. There are effectively 3 options available to businesses, including creating a design according to your budget, or if you are at a company or agency, you can also have a large project created. A series of solutions are provided in this regard. For freelance designers, there are many options to generate income streams, with unlimited earning potential.

create a free account

What is DesignCrowd?

DesignCrowd is a virtual marketplace where businesses and freelancers can come together for all design-related projects. It is the go-to destination for graphic design services, website, logo, and print design, et al. The virtual team of professional designers comprises 616,169+ people ready to get started on your project.

Thanks to the crowdsourcing potential of this online team of workers, it is possible to post a project and receive offers from top-tier designers from all over the world. Most projects receive on average of 50 designs or more. However, it’s not simply the quantity of professional freelance designers – it’s the quality thereof.

The company is headed by Alec Lynch who serves as the CEO, and Adam Arbolino, the cofounder. This Australian-funded enterprise comprises multiple heavy hitters including Grand Prix Capital and Starfish Ventures. Some $45.5 million worth of design projects have been awarded across 165 countries.

This company has been in business for 10 years and is fully licensed and regulated as DesignCrowd PTY Limited in New South Wales Australia.

With DesignCrowd, businesses and entrepreneurs can source the most professional website designers for a wide range of services. Popular items include logo design, web design, graphic design, flyer design, banner ad design, stationery jobs, WordPress design, icon design, T-shirt design, business cards, poster design, brochure design webpage design and more. Here are the major categories and sub-components:

  • Corporate Identity – Signage, Car Wrap, Business Cards, Logos
  • Print Design – Flyers, Brochures, Postcards, CD Covers, Advertisements, Packaging
  • Web Design – WordPress Design, Banner Ads, Facebook Designs, Newsletters, Email, and Icon design
  • Merchandise Design – T-shirts, Apparel, Bag and Tote, Cup and Mug and more.
  • Graphic Design – 3D design, Vector Design, Infographic Design, PowerPoint Design
  • Art & Illustration – Book Covers, Cards, Character Design, Book Cover Design, Art Design

It’s possible to pick designers based on your personal preferences. Businesses and entrepreneurs can simply browse designer profiles and ‘Invite Designers’ at their leisure.

Art & Illustration

How Does DesignCrowd Work?

The first step in the process requires signing up as a freelancer or a company. Once you have registered an account, it’s possible to use the DesignCrowd solutions to create a design that is tailored to your budget and needs. The 3-step process involves the following steps:

  1. Explain what your needs are by creating a brief.
  2. Receive design concept ideas from freelancers around the world within hours.
  3. Select the design that best meets your needs and preferences and then download the data.

This value-driven initiative features low prices, with competition among designers keeping the prices affordable. Since each company receives an unlimited number of designs from freelancers, you get to pick and choose the option that best meets your budget and your needs. The minimum budget is set at $150, however there are pricing packages for customers starting at $79 for posting a project. A transaction fee of 4% is applied to the purchase amount of the transaction. See below for details:

There are fees for customers and designers. Designer earnings are subject to a 15% commission.

transaction fee

How to Choose a Freelancer

The best way to source a freelance worldwide designer is to navigate to the ‘Designers’ page. The designers page allows you to enter search queries where you can hand select designers according to category. For example, you can choose the type of designer you’re looking for, the designer’s country, and other factors such as sorting designers by wins (how many contracts they have been awarded), or by their earnings.

The distinct types of designers include the following: poster designers, flyer designers, packaging designers, brochure designers, WordPress designers, T-shirt designers, graphic designers, logo designers, business card designers, and web designers. Further, you can pick designers based on your country preferences. Remember that designers from Asia are typically cheaper than designers from the UK, Europe and the US. It’s this mix that keeps prices competitive, and that’s why it’s a good idea to consider designers from countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India etc.

Once you have entered your precise designer requests, you will see a listing of designers on screen. Their rank, feedback score, reviews, and money earned will be listed. You can easily invite any of these designers to provide services for your company. Simply click the green ‘invite designer’ button to get started.

How to Choose a Freelancer

Businesses can review each designer’s personal portfolio of completed projects. These include details of the projects, including the price that was paid for it. Other important aspects to consider when choosing a designer are the number of revisions that were requested, the number of designs that the freelancer typically provides to clients, and the overall service that is offered. The most important aspects to check with a designer are their ranking, their star rating, the money they have earned, and their social profiles.


Each freelance seller can list how many revisions they allow in their profile. This is easily seen in the graphic below:


However, buyers are not required to simply accept substandard work and can request additional revisions before payment is finalised. It is important to read the profiles of designers to ensure that potential discrepancies are avoided. One of the most popular questions at DesignCrowd is that of revisions: ‘Once we decide on a design, can we continue to talk to the designer to tweak the designs?’

According to the customer service department, it is company policy to allow designers and customers to reach a favourable outcome when it comes to revisions. Customers are entitled to send design change requests to the designer by sending messages directly. While it is ill-advised to continue to request unnecessary revisions, customer satisfaction is an important part of the success of the company. If you don’t like the designs that have been created, it is possible to request a refund within 30 days of the project being posted. This is all included in the money back guarantee of DesignCrowd.


According to information sourced from the FAQ section, freelancers and customers can make payments via three methods: Skrill, Payoneer and PayPal. The payment fees for each of these options is listed in the table below:


If the designer doesn’t do the work requested of him/her, customers can contact DesignCrowd directly and they will follow up with the designer. It is possible that you may be allowed to use another designer to complete the work assignment. When you wish to cancel a work order because the freelancer has not fulfilled their end of the bargain, it is advisable to post feedback on the freelancer’s profile for other customers to see. If you are dealing with a nonresponsive designer, it is not a problem for the project to be cancelled and refunds to be provided[BC1] .

Customer Support

The best way to contact customer support is through the contact us button. The contact us option is available across multiple pages. Getting in touch requires you to enter whether you are a customer or a designer. Once you’ve chosen the topic, and sub topic, you can reach professional customer service representatives. The company is headquartered in Surry Hills Australia, with the following email address: The telephone numbers for DesignCrowd customers include these options:

  • Singapore – 800-852-3882
  • New Zealand – 09-887-9497
  • Canada – 1-800-890-2410
  • Brazil – 19-395-71346
  • Australia – 1800-22-80-20
  • United Kingdom – 0800-680-0685
  • United States – 1800-377-6955

Customer Support

Other contact options include the blog, the freelance designer community, and social media channels like Pinterest, G +, Facebook, and Twitter. Information is readily available on all design services through the FAQ section on site.

Bottom Line

As far as design services go, DesignCrowd offers a global pool of freelancers with expert skills across multiple design categories. Customers will be able to pick their preferred design is based on a number of factors such as star ratings, revisions, performance data, pricing etc. It is possible to search for designers at the click of a button by inputting specific search phrases/queries/data when you’re posting a project. The three payment options include Skrill, PayPal, and Payoneer. Low spreads are offered by the company, and fees are in line with general crowdsourcing-style platforms.


DesignCrowd REVIEW
Top Categories:
Graphic & Design
Main Advantages:
  • Auction System
  • Money Back Guarantee
Price Range: $ - $$$


  • Competitively priced design services
  • Multiple design options to choose from
  • Over 616,000 professional designers around the world
  • Easy to use design platform for customers and freelancers
  • Personalised design projects and competitions available
  • Project uptake time (response time) can vary
  • Carefully check the revision policy of individual freelancers before accepting their work
  • Competitively priced design services
  • Multiple design options to choose from
  • Over 616,000 professional designers around the world
  • Easy to use design platform for customers and freelancers
  • Personalised design projects and competitions available
  • Project uptake time (response time) can vary
  • Carefully check the revision policy of individual freelancers before accepting their work