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UpWork offers a range of services to businesses and individuals. These include solutions mostly for Web development, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content creation, administrative help, graphics, mobile app development, and project management. UpWork services are available in multiple formats, depending on your needs. These include UpWork, UpWork Pro™, and UpWork Enterprise ™. Each of these high-end solutions provides specialized services to clientele, tailored to your business’s needs and preferences.

How Does UpWork Work?

Getting started with UpWork is as easy as posting a job to tell the UpWork community exactly what your company’s requirements are. The UpWork system will connect you with the freelancer community of professionals ready to take on your project. As a client, you will be able to peruse the profiles of freelancers on the UpWork system. This includes access to other client reviews of freelancers. Finding the right candidate requires careful scrutiny, and analysis, and this is possible by way of interviews.

You can pick your preferred freelancer and start working on your project at your leisure. Details of your proposed work plan (project) can be posted on the UpWork platform. You can share files, enjoy chat functionality and collaborate with freelancers. All payments for work done are completed through the UpWork platform, and clients are only required to make payment for authorized work projects.

The freelancers available on the UpWork system are split into several categories. These include the standard UpWork platform where clients can access freelancers by way of search algorithms, built-in collaboration, and payment features. The next step up is the UpWork Pro™ platform where additional features are available such as pre-vetted freelancers, and dedicated account management. The most encompassing network is the UpWork Enterprise system where clients get to enjoy worker classification services, and tailored onboarding and payment options, in addition to all of the other services available on the UpWork and UpWork Pro platforms.

The freelancers at UpWork are skilled across the spectrum. Popular skills include copywriting, C# developers, angular JS developers, Android developers, content writers, customer service representatives, email marketing consultants, swift developers, virtual assistants, WordPress developers, iOS developers, Facebook marketing experts, bookkeepers, UX designers, web designers, social media consultants, PHP developers, JavaScript developers, Excel experts, data entry specialists, and so forth. Hundreds of skills are listed in multiple categories such as designers & creatives, programmers & developers, administrative support specialists, writers & translators, finance professionals, sales & marketing professionals, etc.


One of the biggest challenges for freelancers at UpWork is revisions. There are two types of ways that the UpWork community can set up their work regimen: One is a fixed-rate job which requires a payment for all the work done. The second is an hourly rate which the freelancer can levy on the client for all work that is done. Naturally, the safest way for a freelancer to operate with a difficult client is on an hourly basis. To protect freelancers from endless revisions, the UpWork community recommends that clear, concise and well-worded agreements are put into place from the get-go.

It is imperative for the freelancer to make the distinction between a fixed-rate contract and an hourly contract, and that the client agrees upon that in advance. For freelancers, the best way to approach the issue of revisions is to tell the client upfront about how many revisions they will be receiving before the project commences. Typically, a freelancer can offer 1-2 complimentary revisions, after which a reasonable charge will be levied on the work that is done. This protects the freelancer from being exploited on the UpWork platforms.


UpWork offers payment protection for clients and freelancers collaborating on projects together. These are applicable to fixed-rate projects as well as hourly projects. Payment protection is available in the form of hourly protection for contracts by the hour and fixed-price protection for contracts of that nature. The payment protection plan is designed to protect clients from exploitation, and also to protect freelancers from ensuring that they are paid for the hours worked. The transparency of the payments option is evident with a work diary to show work in progress snapshots for work that is being conducted. Additionally, there is a desktop application which indicates precisely how many hours have been worked. The fixed-price protection plan is geared towards project completion-based payments. This money will be kept in escrow until the work is completed.

All clients are billed a 2.75% processing fee for all payments that are made. This indicates that a $100 project will be billed $2.75 as a processing fee. For hourly-based projects, the billing occurs on a weekly basis and will be tacked onto your billing methods. Clients can enjoy a flat monthly processing fee of $25 if payments in excess of $910 a made per month. This is in lieu of the 2.75% payment fee on individual transactions. Billing methods include a US bank account, and local currency options are available.

Clients can switch between fees by navigating to their account, billing methods and then editing the payment processing fee option. Payment is available in local currency, and freelancers are charged a sliding fee based on their lifetime billings with clients. For the first $500 bill, UpWork charges 20%, and then for any amount over $500.01 and under $10,000, 10% is levied. If client billings exceed $10,000, a total of 5% in fees will be levied. The sliding scale works much like tax brackets. For example, a $10,000 a work order will be subject to 20% up to $500, and 10% between $500.01 – $10,000.

Clients and freelancers have multiple options vis-à-vis making payments and getting paid. The following payment methods are fully supported by UpWork: direct to local bank, ACH direct deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, and M-pesa. It takes 3 days to activate a payment method for security protocols.


UpWork freelancers and clients may decide to cancel work orders for a variety of reasons. The option to edit or close posted jobs is available by navigating to the actions menu and clicking on cancel. Simply locate the Jobs Tab, and click on the edit posting button. For cancelling jobs, clients can click on remove posting from the actions menu. Typically, freelancers wait for clients to end contracts, to ensure that payment is made. It is advisable to negotiate with clients before contracts have ended since this may have a detrimental effect on the freelancer’s overall rating.

Customer Support

The UpWork help center is the best place to find assistance. Assistance is available for freelancers, clients and enterprise-level solutions. The help center provides assistance on a myriad of topics including: work with clients, getting paid, your freelancer profile, your account, getting started, apps & messages. For additional help and assistance, clients can simply click on the ‘Get Help from Upwork’ page for any number of topics. Issues include account information, your profile, finding jobs, work, feedback and disputes, getting paid, system issues and bugs, suspicious activity and other issues. The customer support reps are highly responsive to the UpWork community and they endeavour to provide workable solutions to your queries.


Bottom Line

Overall, the professional freelancer services offered by UpWork are good quality. This is a global network of professionals and fully vetted clients. A wide range of services is offered, making it easy for clients and freelancers to come together and agree upon work orders, payments and networking solutions. You may wish to try out the premium features, based on your organization’s preferences to get better options. UpWork has a bit outdated hiring platform compared to its competition those days and is a little cumbersome and time-intensive, but a quality system for sure.

Top Categories:
Writing & Translation
Web Development
Main Advantages:
  • Short/long term projects
  • Expert and entry level
Price Range: $$ - $$$


  • FAQ and online support and service
  • Offers are intricately detailed with a variety of statistics
  • Variety of membership options catering to your preferences
  • Expert multimedia resources such as videos to assist clients every step of the way.
  • UpWork is relatively slow to load and update and is routinely under maintenance.
  • As a client, there is a 2.75% commission or a flat rate fee after $910.
  • UpWork tends to be a lot more complicated to use than other services
  • FAQ and online support and service
  • Offers are intricately detailed with a variety of statistics
  • Variety of membership options catering to your preferences
  • Expert multimedia resources such as videos to assist clients every step of the way.
  • UpWork is relatively slow to load and update and is routinely under maintenance.
  • As a client, there is a 2.75% commission or a flat rate fee after $910.
  • UpWork tends to be a lot more complicated to use than other services